Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cure


[ Listening to: Boys Don't Cry by The Cure ]
       Oh, what to even say about this band besides... one of my favorites of all time. This is one of the other bands that I grew up with and possibly developed my openness to the world and it's variety of every type of person. Ha ha, I guess it's rather a strange thing to put or word, but The Cure talked about what they felt and what seemed to be one of the "realistic bands" that seemed to actually matter to me in understanding people of different paths in life.

     This was one of the bands that I listened to when I was down or when I had a wonderful new experience, but most importantly, it broadened my view in accepting people better. The thing is that more than a few of their songs are rather ironic, I guess, such as "Boys Don't Cry." That song alone gave me a bit of enlightenment alone; it made me feel like it was actually alright to be depressed as long as it's within reason or that sometimes you aren't supposed to cry even though you do feel slightly bad, same concept goes with everyone, but if by chance you were to cry, it's alright... It gave me... the ability to actually give understanding to whoever need it when times get hard and to not judge anyone when and if that moment were to come.

     One other quick mention of a song from them that's impacted me was the song "Lullaby." That song alone let me see that all people suffer from "simple" things or "common/untalked" issues such as life-altering nightmares, delusions and reoccurring depression. I think "Lullaby" was more of a self impact, I guess, since it helped me through a few moments where I believed that a few issues or delusions/self created depression(s) would be something that only I felt or no one could bring any light to my situation in any ability of "understandment..." over time, I felt some ease when hearing this as if a big amount was taken off my chest and I should just look forward for the day and try my best to enjoy it until fully knowing that "the night" was going to bring the reoccurring depressive issue/nightmares.


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