Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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[ Listening to: Internet Nerd's Revenge by Chamillionaire ]
[ Listening to: Internet Nerd's Brother by Chamillionaire ]
[ Listening to: Hero Freestyle by Chamillionaire ]
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Alright, normally, I'm not a fan of all rap, especially "southern rap," but Chamillionaire [ 2 ] is one of the very few rappers that I even like. Normally rappers have rapped about the things the U.S. and a few other countries have been through: drugs, money, guns, killing and females. Honestly, I've stopped listening to it because it's always talking about drugs, when personally, I don't use them, so that may be the lack of "understanding" that I don't really feel in their music. Another issue, is that most rappers rap with several cuss words in every line, or ever other line, which is fine, but when it becomes a good portion of the song and you hear little kids think they are hard when saying it, it becomes something sadder than anything. Well, there are several other people who cuss maybe once to three times a song, which is fine, but if you can rap and do better than well without cussing, I consider that a skill. If you can rap without cussing and actually talk about more about "real life" or a tad bit more realistic, then I would consider that above average and actual good rapper. Most people could bring Enimem, into the equation, but he more or less goes into the cussing here and there and he's simply not my cup of tea.

Anyways, There's a quick description, if you missed or it was terribly put.
Rapping without cussing in any song, but also talking about more realistic things in life and actually sound well with some very clever word play without using so much slang that even I can't understand since new slang comes out every day.

Well, I started listening to him when I was in 7th grade, I believe possibly 8th. The album I was introduced to was "The Sound of Revenge."  And it was the CD, that I played quite a lot, I mean, I did go to a Catholic school and I took cussing serious enough, where I said "stupid" my first time in 7th grade.. xD and gosh, I felt terrible, but even I tried to not cuss, even though nowadays I cuss like a sailor. I'm not saying that I've only supported "clean music," but it's just one that felt better to me compared to wayne, webbie and several others. Hell, I remember making food, playing games and other things while listening to him simply because I like his message and I like his songs.

I know the songs I put up there like:
Internet Nerd's Revenge and Internet Nerd's Brother are both prime examples of song that I thought were clever as hell. In those two songs, he talks about himself in a third person in narrative form from the view of people who listened to certain artist and then fanboy'd them, but he "disses" himself during the song and does a great job in  insulting and yet maintaining a great image of his skill, right then and there instead of insulting others just to grab attention and insult others to start issues.
Hero is also another favorite of mine because he does the same thing that most people did, but without crossing the line of insulting or implying that "hustling drugs, killing people or insulting" is the only thing important.
Hip Hop Police [ 3 ] is also another great track because it brings up several points of what could and is happening, but this was from '07?
The Sound of Revenge is a great CD to pick up or listen to somewhere, grooveshark [ 4 ] would be a great place to listen if you short on funds this month, but always support your artist, unless they don't deserve it.

That's enough for now.. x3 Normally I never have much to say about rap, but he's an exception.

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  1. hmm dno about this guy, only really heard ridin dirty or whatever it was called, and that was average

  2. I'm not that also a fan of rap, but I think I had listened to some of his material before. He seems so familiar!

    Nice post, and followed!

  3. I read few of your writes-ups.I thought it was great.So I thought I would add you as a friend so that we can read each others work. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Chamillionaire is so tough!

  5. nice post, i dont know this artist.

  6. meh, not really my genre. but I still like your blog MrGbounds ;)

  7. Listened to him so much back in high school, lol

  8. I'll definitely be picking this up when I go to Best Buy tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. I don't like rap music, but your review is cool!

  10. This dude is sick !!! I especially like the song called "Ridin Dirty" i believe its called. Nice post. Keep it up

  11. I'm really liking this video you should post more of these videos in the future.