Monday, June 13, 2011

Euphoric Emotions Compilation.

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Well, a few days ago, it occurred to me that I needed to regain my hard drive data somehow, well I thought the best way would be to simply replace a majority of it with new things since the day it was wiped.

One of the major things I did was to replace the music that I had download from the web onto my drive so when I went anywhere, walking or driving, I would simply be able to plug in and listen.

Well, Trance, Dance, House and all that jam has been a favorite of mine ever since I was about in 6th grade all the way till now and possibly until I die, but no need to start predicting my future now. Since I first started listening to "that techno stuff," I've listened to practically a very good overall (or several sets) of genre(s) that I could never really replace with anything else. Preferably, I like listening to songs by ATB or Armin Van Bureen, but The Chemical Brothers or Deadmau5 aren't that bad. :)

Well, enough of that, I downloaded about 10gigs, almost exact of albums from Euphoric Emotions, that contain about 20~30 albums, but I've mostly liked the "2010" special and the Best of Euphoric Volumes. The variety of volumes that have been released can give you a different "mindset," which I guess is something I've done for years.
Depressing music = Mindset of appreciation/understanding/etc
Powerhouse = motivation/tunnel-vision/empowerment
Trance = One mind trance
Feeling This Moment = Well, self explanatory.

Well, the Euphoric Collection of volumes I have now, have all sorts of mindsets that allow you to choose and there you go.
I know one of my favorite albums is "Night life," (or that's how it's labeled for me) and well, it gives me a nice feeling of well, night life. I could simply be driving and have my laptop plugged and things feel in perfect rhythm, which is great. If you have the spare money laying around, that would be a great amount of things to listen to.

Oh and the Euphoric Tracks are composed of several upon several artist, including The Chemical Brothers, Deadmau5, ATB and Bureen. (Probably why I named them without thinking. . . You sneaky subconscious, you)

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  1. I love Euphoric music so much! Deadmau5 is my favourite :)

  2. well thats an attention grabber

  3. I'm not into trance much :(