Saturday, June 18, 2011


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A few years ago, there was a band named The Chiodos Bros., later renamed Chiodos, but these guys were personally one of the bands that were rather important in my life, for several reasons.
One, any person who has been listening to screamo, post hardcore, amazing, whatever you want to call it, these guys were one of the best around, now a days, they aren't, maybe to the new generation of "hipsters" possibly. I just lost my attachment to this group the day they replaced Craig Owens, the lead singer.

Well, alright, this may be a completely unorganized blog, but which of mine are? Ha ha.

Well, let me explain why I even have this attachment to the older Chiodos:
Craig Owens [ 3 ], the lead singer, had suffered from severe depression and many other problems. He was one of the guys who people slightly didn't feel comfortable near, but was still regarded as friendly, only after you talked to him for a while. Craig was basically a symbol to those who listened to his music because he gave this feeling of understanding. Craig also was realistic in the eyes of everyone who listened to him and heard occasional stories. He was, more or less, the Ghandi of my generation of music. Well, that may be a little over exaggerated, but the concept is kind of close.

He was one of the few guys, who could lead a proper band without getting "fame" to his head, but this is also one of the guys/bands that allowed me to even start listening to more "intense" musics.
I don't know, personally, he had a great voice both screaming and not, kudos Craig, but at the same time, he gave amazing lyrics regardless his band (since he had several side projects like Isles & Glaciers and Cinematic Sunrise {favorite <-}). So in all, he has done a great job managing himself, until came the time where "the now" Chiodos didn't want him around because his depression and side projects were getting too much to affect his band practice with chiodos, regardless of being the founder of Chiodos.

Anyways, that said:
The band actually produced great quality music, lyrics and shows.


Side projects from Craig:
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) - Not a fan -
Cinematic Sunrise - Super fan -
Isles & Glaciers - fan -

Also formally named as The Chiodos Bros. [ 5 ] ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ] ) [ 4 ]
( There's not much information that you can find, I guess... : / sorry about that, if you are even interested ) [ 5 ]


  1. Never heard of them before, I'll check them out!

  2. I love this band, very good selection of music.

  3. Seu blog é muito interessante...
    Estou te seguindo.... Tenha um Lindo Dia!
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  4. I love this band, remind me of High School, no idea why. The Word Best Friend Becomes Redefined <3

  5. I third the motion of loving this band!