Sunday, June 19, 2011

Five Iron Frenzy

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Haha. Oh, what to say about this band. Five Iron Frenzy is easily marked as somewhere in Top 5 favorite of all time bands. They were around in my life as I grew up, preaching to me about things of how to perceive things and how to be happy about most things.

They are a Christian ska band that slipped through my hands in the the pocket of acceptance. Personally, I can never hear full CD's nor tolerate hours of any Christian band, that I'm aware of, I just can't find most Christian bands singing about more plausibly realistic and daily things. That's just me.

xP My commentary over bands is getting shorter and shorter each time because of reasons not fully aware besides the fact that I can't say much about bands that I 100% like. It's like I'm biased and even the "bad" is good in my opinion, but I hope you like them, give them a try if you're in ska and rock.


Studio albums
  • Upbeats and Beatdowns
  • Our Newest Album Ever!
  • All the Hype That Money Can Buy
  • Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • The End Is Near
Live Albums
  • Five Iron Frenzy LIVE: Proof That the Youth Are Revolting
  • The End Is Here
  • Cheeses... (of Nazareth)


  • Quantity is Job 1 ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] - There are doubles that people uploaded


  1. hadnt heard before so thanks for post...+followed :)

  2. Never heard of them but I'll take a look at their songs.

  3. I appreciate it for what it is, I'm just not a big ska fan

  4. hmm not aware of these guys, ill check them out later

  5. You ALWAYS have posts about the most AWESOME artists! Keep up the great work man!

  6. this is a blog mmmm

  7. Yeah haven't heard of this band before neither i have heard christian ska! But i really love ska and this doesn't sounds bad!