Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beginning Blog Over My Favorite Music and Music To Come.


[ Listening to: Rainy Strobe by Deadmau5 and Rainymood ] [2]

            I guess, I should start another separate blog rather than jumbling several random articles over several topics into one. This blog can pertain to music I have listened to, would suggest listening to and other things about music.

            I can start with the first song/artist I have been listening to over the passed year and has rather had some impact on me. His name is Joel Zimmerman, more commonly known as "Deadmau5." He produces a wide variety of music which can be narrowed down to "electronic/techno varieties," but I prefer to say dubstep, electric, house, progressive and several others.

            I cannot say Deadmau5 is the most amazing artist out there, but I can say he produces better overall tracks at a constant rate compared to everyone, while at the same time... he acts as himself all day. I'm not trying to start a controversy, but deadmau5 is one of the only artist I have recently seen who puts on the occasional Ustream, plays with "common peoples" on a game called Minecraft every so often and, even then so, he speaks his mind throughout interviews/facebook/twitter (I don't follow it, but the others I glance here and there) without any hesitation to a limited extent. Well, back to the producing better overall material:
I have listened to all his albums and several of his LIVE shows
Studio albums
Other albums
At Play Vol. 3 (2010)

Well, some of my favorite songs from him:
  • Strobe (Watermark)
  • Simple Chords
  • Ghost and stuff (Rob Swire)
  • Careless
  • Raise Your Weapon
Almost All his songs on his albums The Lack Of A Better Name, Project 56, 4x4=12 and Random Album Art.

       One final word about Deadmau5 is that he has been able to keep an iconic public image with the "Mau5 head" which is starting to get recognition as much as Daft Punk, but the one difference is... we don't know what the Daft Punk Duo truly look like. ) [1] ) [2] )[3]
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