Thursday, June 23, 2011


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           Firstly, let me say this, sorry that most people weren't pleased about the random change into the rap genre, I thought to just mix it up and give songs/an artist that was slightly different, but thank you for your guy's input, I have plenty of bands to share regardless of the genre.

Well, anyways, this is one of my top favorites, hands down, and it was one of the bands I listened to quite a lot especially in my my high school years, hell even nowadays, even though they don't feel as well placed in my life right now. Their name is Bayside and they're the band who got me though a lot. Well, now they convey the image of what suffering is, the idea of being you and other typical problems that occur in everyone's lives.

Sigh, .__.; I don't have much to say, it feels like I won't put much up nowadays. .-. I guess, it's time for a random rant, but that's probably going to go with my other blog [ 3 ] rather than this one. I'm getting off track, at the moment.

I know what to do, I'm going to share a story of a memory that I can remember because of this band. Not really an interesting one, but I guess this is my blog to talk about things I want to talk about; it's also a blog of including other people's thoughts or what they would like as well.

[ Listening to: Acoustic (full CD) by Bayside ] [ 4 ]

Bayside was a band that I used to listen to whenever I felt terrible or felt rather under the weather, during school, during the day or whenever I went to bed, simply because it made me feel a little better.
To be honest, I can't really say better would be the word to use since it's not even good to begin with, but to say better is a term I use to insinuate that things aren't as bad as they were before a certain time. I recall a good portion of the time I spent listening to Bayside was because I was depressed at the fact that I couldn't get over the failures I've done or the issues that I wasn't as "amazing" as everyone wished for me to be. It may just be me, or I guess a lot of people could possibly connect to that, maybe not, I'm still kind of in the "this second is my entire life, rather than I have more to live in the next 40 years."
Another thing I recall is, when I listened to the song "They Looked Like Strong Hands," during my school years, I always felt better because I felt like, there's someone who understood what it is to grow up in the shoes of "being average," but still having some strength within reason. 
Last song, "Blame It On Bad Luck" is another favorite from them simply because sometimes you have to blame it on bad luck rather than on yourself. Hell, I know I'm one of the types that rarely forgives himself  rather than moves on, well, I was like that for years and still kind of am, but I give myself some slack simply because I can't control everything. 

Bayside: is my courage, my understanding and an emotional band that I listened to for years. I'm not such a fan anymore, simply because, it feels like I've gotten emotionally more stable compared to my "younger self." Which I still recommend this band for people who have issues and need some comfort, it's not a band for everyone, but give them try I guess, I mean, they still have ridiculously great sounding music, including their solos mid song here and there.


Studio Albums
  • Long Stories Short
  • Bayside/Name Taken Split
  • Sirens and Condolences
  • Bayside
  • The Walking Wounded
  • Bayside/I Am The Avalanche Split
  • Shudder
  • Killing Time
Self Release
  • Bayside Acoustic EP
  • Live At The Bayside Social Club [ 5 ] ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ] ) [ 4 ] ) [ 5 ]


  1. You have to listen to The Dears, they play great! Also i'm listening this band they sound GREAT!, i live in Mexico so i dont have the chance to listen good music, there are a lot of reggaeton fans here, i hate that music.

  2. I used to listen to this band during my High School years too but I stopped listening to them.

  3. I admit that I never heard of them. I'm listening something from your grooveshark link, they're really neat. Check out bonnie prince billy, if you don't know him already, you may like his music.

  4. Once again I must say you have excellent tastes in music my friend.

  5. i have never heard of this band Im gonna give them a listen right now see if theyre my taste.

  6. ill be checking these guys out!

  7. Guy on the right looks like an actor on treme

  8. Sweet write-up dude i will have to check these guys out :)