Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, I haven't been here in a while..

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Well, I haven't been on this site in a very long time. I didn't even get far, if any distance at all. Anyways, I just decided to post something for some bizzare reason and I decided to post a radio station I've been listening to lately.. It actually plays a lot of songs I actually love/enjoy/like, haha, it kind of saves me time from downloading them one by one.. Anyways, just a really quick mention.. Great stuff if you're into "Dance 'n stuff.."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

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I'm very sorry to everyone who has been following my blog, or even realized that I stopped posting, but things have been going on worse than usual and for some reason, I haven't been able to keep myself together or on track/multitask-ive? as before..

I might as well rant for a minute then..

Lately, I've been more depressed as usual, as most people are, at least under my assumption and what I've seen with most people. I guess, one of the issues deals with finances, which a few are my fault, driving tickets, which actually is part of the reason I started a blog to make a bit of cash here and there to help out with those and other fines, and then there is the issue with a court cost for something I don't recall even doing, but so far, it seems like the court is going to go in favor of the "non-Hispanic" individual... I'm not calling "bs" or anything about how the United States works, even though I do believe there is something clearly wrong with it, but I guess there's going to be a major set back.. Those being the financial issues, aside from me moving sometime here soon to a new house because of a potential foreclosure.. sigh, what a surprise.. anyways..

There are other issues that have been going on with me, not saying I purely have it bad compared to others, but at the moment, I've been having medical issues, that clearly have gotten worse throughout the years, that doctors clearly have not figured out what is wrong, hell, personally I think I could just use an inhaler and possibly a very small painkiller with help figuring out why my liver/kidney may feel pickled.. or why my lungs (especially my left lung) can't expand that well.. or where the random pains in my chest come from besides "unknown reasons" as the doctors have put it.. Those being physical issues, then comes the mental issues that I've personally tried to fix myself, I tried medication, but that never really helped, even though lately, I've been thinking of seeing if I could put some money towards that and see if I can get an actually good psych/therapist that knows what they are doing and knows personal experiences rather than textbook answers/remedies..
Let me begin talking about a few problems that I feel like I helped myself or have figured out how to temporarily "fix.."
Severe Suicidal thoughts, mostly cleared and most physical attempts are gone, lately they have come back out of nowhere though...
Depression of where I can't enjoy anything nor want to do anything (the enjoying issue, I can't fix or haven't been able to do much about regardless of what I do, but 'want' to do something is to simply force yourself to do something and hope for the best, which slightly works..)
I used to see dead people... ;___; Sadly, I can't lie about that.. nor want to joke about it.. they would just be laying there or fall out of the sky onto the floor out of nowhere or they would be there already.. I know a conversation with a friend where he thought I was joking... anyways...
Eating issues.. more like, I never wanted to eat nor do I want to now, but I force myself to eat as much as I can.. : / not really a good thing, but if I don't, I would simply not eat at all..
My memory is starting to go A-wall on me and I simply can't remember as well nowadays..
I feel like my reading/spelling issues are coming back.. : / it feels like dislexia, but it's not at least I'm sure it's not.. just temporary issues, where I would spells words backwards like... "sdrawkcabs" without even realizing it.. or I would swap certain letters like.. "raed" when I mean "read" or I would simply be forgetting words like "the, a, and or other words" : / but, idk..

Well, enough of the pity party, : / I just have to get myself through this and think of something....
.__.; sorry for people who actually care about my blog and wanted to keep reading, I'm trying...

I'll try to post some time soon something music related or favorite bands or something sometime soon.. : /

v.v thanks people.. sorry once again for not keeping people updated..

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


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[ Listening to: Bayside (self-titled album) by Bayside ] [ 2 ]
           Firstly, let me say this, sorry that most people weren't pleased about the random change into the rap genre, I thought to just mix it up and give songs/an artist that was slightly different, but thank you for your guy's input, I have plenty of bands to share regardless of the genre.

Well, anyways, this is one of my top favorites, hands down, and it was one of the bands I listened to quite a lot especially in my my high school years, hell even nowadays, even though they don't feel as well placed in my life right now. Their name is Bayside and they're the band who got me though a lot. Well, now they convey the image of what suffering is, the idea of being you and other typical problems that occur in everyone's lives.

Sigh, .__.; I don't have much to say, it feels like I won't put much up nowadays. .-. I guess, it's time for a random rant, but that's probably going to go with my other blog [ 3 ] rather than this one. I'm getting off track, at the moment.

I know what to do, I'm going to share a story of a memory that I can remember because of this band. Not really an interesting one, but I guess this is my blog to talk about things I want to talk about; it's also a blog of including other people's thoughts or what they would like as well.

[ Listening to: Acoustic (full CD) by Bayside ] [ 4 ]

Bayside was a band that I used to listen to whenever I felt terrible or felt rather under the weather, during school, during the day or whenever I went to bed, simply because it made me feel a little better.
To be honest, I can't really say better would be the word to use since it's not even good to begin with, but to say better is a term I use to insinuate that things aren't as bad as they were before a certain time. I recall a good portion of the time I spent listening to Bayside was because I was depressed at the fact that I couldn't get over the failures I've done or the issues that I wasn't as "amazing" as everyone wished for me to be. It may just be me, or I guess a lot of people could possibly connect to that, maybe not, I'm still kind of in the "this second is my entire life, rather than I have more to live in the next 40 years."
Another thing I recall is, when I listened to the song "They Looked Like Strong Hands," during my school years, I always felt better because I felt like, there's someone who understood what it is to grow up in the shoes of "being average," but still having some strength within reason. 
Last song, "Blame It On Bad Luck" is another favorite from them simply because sometimes you have to blame it on bad luck rather than on yourself. Hell, I know I'm one of the types that rarely forgives himself  rather than moves on, well, I was like that for years and still kind of am, but I give myself some slack simply because I can't control everything. 

Bayside: is my courage, my understanding and an emotional band that I listened to for years. I'm not such a fan anymore, simply because, it feels like I've gotten emotionally more stable compared to my "younger self." Which I still recommend this band for people who have issues and need some comfort, it's not a band for everyone, but give them try I guess, I mean, they still have ridiculously great sounding music, including their solos mid song here and there.


Studio Albums
  • Long Stories Short
  • Bayside/Name Taken Split
  • Sirens and Condolences
  • Bayside
  • The Walking Wounded
  • Bayside/I Am The Avalanche Split
  • Shudder
  • Killing Time
Self Release
  • Bayside Acoustic EP
  • Live At The Bayside Social Club [ 5 ] ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ] ) [ 4 ] ) [ 5 ]

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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[ Listening to: Internet Nerd's Revenge by Chamillionaire ]
[ Listening to: Internet Nerd's Brother by Chamillionaire ]
[ Listening to: Hero Freestyle by Chamillionaire ]
[ Listening to: other songs by Chamillionaire ]
Alright, normally, I'm not a fan of all rap, especially "southern rap," but Chamillionaire [ 2 ] is one of the very few rappers that I even like. Normally rappers have rapped about the things the U.S. and a few other countries have been through: drugs, money, guns, killing and females. Honestly, I've stopped listening to it because it's always talking about drugs, when personally, I don't use them, so that may be the lack of "understanding" that I don't really feel in their music. Another issue, is that most rappers rap with several cuss words in every line, or ever other line, which is fine, but when it becomes a good portion of the song and you hear little kids think they are hard when saying it, it becomes something sadder than anything. Well, there are several other people who cuss maybe once to three times a song, which is fine, but if you can rap and do better than well without cussing, I consider that a skill. If you can rap without cussing and actually talk about more about "real life" or a tad bit more realistic, then I would consider that above average and actual good rapper. Most people could bring Enimem, into the equation, but he more or less goes into the cussing here and there and he's simply not my cup of tea.

Anyways, There's a quick description, if you missed or it was terribly put.
Rapping without cussing in any song, but also talking about more realistic things in life and actually sound well with some very clever word play without using so much slang that even I can't understand since new slang comes out every day.

Well, I started listening to him when I was in 7th grade, I believe possibly 8th. The album I was introduced to was "The Sound of Revenge."  And it was the CD, that I played quite a lot, I mean, I did go to a Catholic school and I took cussing serious enough, where I said "stupid" my first time in 7th grade.. xD and gosh, I felt terrible, but even I tried to not cuss, even though nowadays I cuss like a sailor. I'm not saying that I've only supported "clean music," but it's just one that felt better to me compared to wayne, webbie and several others. Hell, I remember making food, playing games and other things while listening to him simply because I like his message and I like his songs.

I know the songs I put up there like:
Internet Nerd's Revenge and Internet Nerd's Brother are both prime examples of song that I thought were clever as hell. In those two songs, he talks about himself in a third person in narrative form from the view of people who listened to certain artist and then fanboy'd them, but he "disses" himself during the song and does a great job in  insulting and yet maintaining a great image of his skill, right then and there instead of insulting others just to grab attention and insult others to start issues.
Hero is also another favorite of mine because he does the same thing that most people did, but without crossing the line of insulting or implying that "hustling drugs, killing people or insulting" is the only thing important.
Hip Hop Police [ 3 ] is also another great track because it brings up several points of what could and is happening, but this was from '07?
The Sound of Revenge is a great CD to pick up or listen to somewhere, grooveshark [ 4 ] would be a great place to listen if you short on funds this month, but always support your artist, unless they don't deserve it.

That's enough for now.. x3 Normally I never have much to say about rap, but he's an exception.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Five Iron Frenzy

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[ Listening to: Upbeats & Breakdowns (full album) by Five Iron Frenzy ] [ 2 ]
Haha. Oh, what to say about this band. Five Iron Frenzy is easily marked as somewhere in Top 5 favorite of all time bands. They were around in my life as I grew up, preaching to me about things of how to perceive things and how to be happy about most things.

They are a Christian ska band that slipped through my hands in the the pocket of acceptance. Personally, I can never hear full CD's nor tolerate hours of any Christian band, that I'm aware of, I just can't find most Christian bands singing about more plausibly realistic and daily things. That's just me.

xP My commentary over bands is getting shorter and shorter each time because of reasons not fully aware besides the fact that I can't say much about bands that I 100% like. It's like I'm biased and even the "bad" is good in my opinion, but I hope you like them, give them a try if you're in ska and rock.


Studio albums
  • Upbeats and Beatdowns
  • Our Newest Album Ever!
  • All the Hype That Money Can Buy
  • Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • The End Is Near
Live Albums
  • Five Iron Frenzy LIVE: Proof That the Youth Are Revolting
  • The End Is Here
  • Cheeses... (of Nazareth)


  • Quantity is Job 1 ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] - There are doubles that people uploaded

Saturday, June 18, 2011


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 [ Listening to: All's Well That Ends Well (full album) by Chiodos ] [ 2 ]

A few years ago, there was a band named The Chiodos Bros., later renamed Chiodos, but these guys were personally one of the bands that were rather important in my life, for several reasons.
One, any person who has been listening to screamo, post hardcore, amazing, whatever you want to call it, these guys were one of the best around, now a days, they aren't, maybe to the new generation of "hipsters" possibly. I just lost my attachment to this group the day they replaced Craig Owens, the lead singer.

Well, alright, this may be a completely unorganized blog, but which of mine are? Ha ha.

Well, let me explain why I even have this attachment to the older Chiodos:
Craig Owens [ 3 ], the lead singer, had suffered from severe depression and many other problems. He was one of the guys who people slightly didn't feel comfortable near, but was still regarded as friendly, only after you talked to him for a while. Craig was basically a symbol to those who listened to his music because he gave this feeling of understanding. Craig also was realistic in the eyes of everyone who listened to him and heard occasional stories. He was, more or less, the Ghandi of my generation of music. Well, that may be a little over exaggerated, but the concept is kind of close.

He was one of the few guys, who could lead a proper band without getting "fame" to his head, but this is also one of the guys/bands that allowed me to even start listening to more "intense" musics.
I don't know, personally, he had a great voice both screaming and not, kudos Craig, but at the same time, he gave amazing lyrics regardless his band (since he had several side projects like Isles & Glaciers and Cinematic Sunrise {favorite <-}). So in all, he has done a great job managing himself, until came the time where "the now" Chiodos didn't want him around because his depression and side projects were getting too much to affect his band practice with chiodos, regardless of being the founder of Chiodos.

Anyways, that said:
The band actually produced great quality music, lyrics and shows.


Side projects from Craig:
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) - Not a fan -
Cinematic Sunrise - Super fan -
Isles & Glaciers - fan -

Also formally named as The Chiodos Bros. [ 5 ] ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ] ) [ 4 ]
( There's not much information that you can find, I guess... : / sorry about that, if you are even interested ) [ 5 ]

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ellie Goulding

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[ Listening to: "Lights" (full album) by Ellie Goulding ] [ 2 ]

Well, Ellie Goulding is probably one of my top favorite female singers of all time, easily Top 5. She has performed in several collaborations and then has been able to produce very good material with both "Lights" and "Bright Lights". Personally, the album "Lights" is my favorite because it feels like an easy listen while providing a good lesson or at least can present an image that's rather nice.

I absolutely love her voice and probably one of the best artist that has been remixed in so many ways and I've yet to find a terrible version of it. ;) Then again, I wasn't looking for bad.. haha..

Personally, I would suggest listening to "Lights" starting from song 1 to the last song on the track, but hey it's up to you.

A quick example of what a decent dubstep version of her "Starry Eyed" is Jakwob's remix. [ 3 ]
Another example of another remix, may be a bit over powered, but still over good is Wired's remix [ 4 ] ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ] ) [ 4 ]